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The culture of Handry Brand:
Handry is the first-class brand in domestic luggage industry. It provides to consumers and clients not only a simple sense of the products or services, but also one kind of matching art and the unique aesthetic standard. It is a new manifesto, a passion, energy, progressive individuality character; furthermore, it represents the free, self-confidence, peace of mind, and a life way in successful business,tasted leisure.
The main logo annotation of Handry:
By English name ¡¯Handry¡¯ deformated into the classic boat-shaped logo, on behalf of all smooth sailing, marching forward courageously, braving all hardships. Use the eye-catching orange color as a symbol of full passion, the abundant vigor and dynamic fashion. Logo of the overall image contains Hanary to be creative and enterprising spirit of determination.
The core of Sporting casual series is as ¡¯Never¡­¡­ / fearless, nothing to fear!¡¯. So the series centers on this core from the trademark to the product design, to launch and integrate "fashion, progressive" orientation, to use bright, eye-catching orange logo, with the stylish, lines feeling product design, to show its unique brand individuality obviously - abundant vigor, show individuality, full of passion, fill the speed and the strength all the time¡£
Success is the mind to keep calm in front of emergencies, the self-confident attitude, the wisdom of plan strategies, the courage of go on bravely
Handry business luggage series is specially launched to business people. The style is generosity, elegance, simplicity and prudence. It fully embodies the business people to accomplish a task with ease and the wisdom enterprising special characteristic. Both the image of the trademarks or product design is remarkable and rich, to show the atmosphere obviously, chic and smooth, dignified appearance. It is consistent with the business people in the mentality and temperament.
Duoduohu, the cute cartoon image, as the prolocutor of the brand, has gone deeply into the children¡¯s hearts in long time. The clever small fox is immature but not delicate, lively but not unruly. As the children¡¯s role models, along with the children are grown healthily. The model of this serial products is without restraint of style, fine lively, to show the innocent and naivete children, the curious and fantasized true colors.
As long as there is hope and dream, the reality and the true nature will be never changed.